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I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service; an outstanding result! You've been extremely helpful throughout this process, and an absolute delight to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future.


Thank you Thank you THANK YOU... I am so incredibly grateful for retrieving my photos from my broken hard drive. Rebecca was very helpful, thanks again!


Thank you so much for retrieving our data Kroll Ontrack! After hearing that it was virtually impossible to retrieve our lost data from our hard drive, we are so lucky we decided to get a second opinion!  Really great service, speedy, communicative and professional.

Inside Out Magazine

82,200 files recovered, and only 10 (non-essential) files lost. Tears of relief. Awesome customer service and your engineers are obviously geniuses. Hopefully I'll never need you again, but I'll be recommending your services far and wide to those that do. Thank you!


Kroll Ontrack scored 10 out of 10 – communication, speed, response, recovery. I would definitely recommend their services to other businesses.

Uprising Beach Resort

For someone who likes to be in control and doesn’t like surprises, it was uncomfortable not knowing whether everything could be saved. In the end, Kroll Ontrack did manage to get it all back for me!

Bredberg Photography

To be honest, we were just writing it off. We didn’t even think that there were people around who did this sort of work. It’s been a really fantastic outcome for us.


In retrospect we probably should have just called Kroll Ontrack right at the start. They provided awesome customer service.

Global Technologies